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Rose Hills


Rose Hills Muslim Burial Garden
Rose Hills Rd - Gate 9
Whittier, California

Directions to the burial site: 

From the North, take 605 Freeway and exit at Rose Hills Rd. then turn left at Gate 9.  If you reach Workman Hills Rd, you have gone too far.  The number on the curb close to the Muslim Burial Garden is 133.  Note:  The burial site is not in the middle section, it is behind the hedge to your left, closer to the public street end.  You will see a marker on the grave in the shape of a K.  Sometimes it has potted flowers outlining the K and sometimes not, depending on whether they have been removed by Rose Hills. 

Please click on the link below for the exact location.

Date Of Death: Sunday, February 11, 2007
Burial Property Name: Muslim Burial Garden
Burial Section: 1
Burial Lot: 703
Grave/Niche: 4 
Entrance Gate: 9