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published September 11, 2007


April 20, 2007 - Friday

The passing of a friend
Current mood: sad
Category: Friends

Kareem Elseify (aka Kid Kareem)... was one of the funniest people I've ever known. He had that dry, under-the-radar, very quick kind of humor that endeared him to everyone he ever came in contact with. He was up for anything, and would do anything for you. He had a barrel laugh, a huge smile, a wild afro and a passion for good times and movies. If you ever met Kareem, you would never forget him. I'll never forget him... and feel grateful to have worked with him and shared so many fun moments, so many laughs. I will miss him terribly, and am sorry I didn't reach out to him more recently.

The Kid died on February 11, 2007. He was alone in his apartment. We don't know what happened exactly, but it sounds like whatever it was, it was quick. I hope he didn't suffer. My heart goes out to his family... who should know that their son made a lot of people laugh, and was a good person. He really was a good person... generous and kind.

I love you Kareem... may you rest in peace (and keep laughing!).