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submitted by
Jay J. Berger
friend since Middle School
published February 22, 2008



I had a lot of love and appreciation for Kareem.


So terribly sorry for the loss of Kareem. I just googled his name today and after seeing some positive things he accomplished, everything came to a screeching halt when I came upon his memorial site. By the way, this is Jay Berger, the not so reliable teenage best friend of Kareem from Seattle who visited Kareem many times in L.A.

Kareem was the only person I completely connected with. We truly got each other. I kid you not, the most amazing memories of my life are all situations I experienced because Kareem made them happen for me. Backstage at the MTV music awards, film projects, going on a game show at 15 years old... None could've happened without him.

2007 was a terrible year for my family as well, having both my Dad and Brother passing away. I know the feelings.

Geographic distance faded our physical friendship over the years, but he was and is on my mind and in my heart.

Stay strong,
Jay J. Berger