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submitted by
Daniel Gonzales

friend since Middle School

published December 26, 2007
Updated February 22, 2008





My name is Daniel Gonzalez and I wanted to say hello.

I am so glad to see a web site dedicated to Kareem. He left us way too soon in his life here on earth. I hope to see him once again. I know I will.

Kareem and I met in 8th grade at Lincoln Jr. High School in 1985 and immediately became good friends. We lived only 3 blocks from one another, so we saw each other after school as well as having a few classes together. I can remember him having the latest and top of the line stereo system in that tiny room of his on 9th street. He would blast his music so loud when I would come over to visit, telling me, "My parents don't care. They're cool." But then just seconds later, his Dad would pound on the door telling us to turn it down.

Kareem made me laugh constantly. He always had a crazy story or something weird to share with me. You know, kids being kids. That hair. That crazy hair. We once went to UCLA for some sort of fair with 4 other friends and just had the best time.

I miss him very much.

Daniel Gonzalez

Have a great day,
Daniel A. Gonzalez

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Hey everyone,
Danny Gonzalez here.
Kareem and I went to Lincoln Jr. High and Santa Monica High School together.
I was just thinking about a story and thought I'd share.
I'm sure a lot of you reading this have been to a concert.
Well, my first 'official' concert was U2. I saw them at the LA Coliseum and the very next night, saw them again at the LA Sports Arena. Guess who I went with? That's right, Kareem.
I was not into U2 at all, but listening to their tapes @ Kareem's house, he convinced me to go. So there we were, 14 years old and having the time of our lives. I still am a huge U2 fan.
Kareem, thanks for making me go. Thanks for sharing one of the most important memories in my life with me.
I miss you bro.
Danny G.