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As a very young boy, Kareem watched the news with his Dad on a daily basis and continued to follow and be involved in everything related to the current events of the world, politics, business, sports, and of course entertainment.

He was also a master at the DVR/Tivo, and after his visit with us, we would find that our DVR had been programmed for the shows he wouldn't want us to miss.


Kareem was a pro when it came to recording Television shows, so he was sure to never miss an episode.  Back in the VHS recording days, he was one of the first, I'm sure, who made good use of those VHS tapes, recording over and over on them, and having stacks and stacks of VHS tapes with recorded shows of days gone by.

Whenever possible, he would arrange his schedule so he could be among the first to see a show when it aired for the first time, just like he wanted to be one of the first to see a newly released movie, cutting  classes and standing in long lines to make it happen.

Even if a hit show aired before his time and it was a classic, Kareem was often a fan - like with the Twilight Zone, which he watched whenever the marathon came on, usually on Thanksgiving.

Kareem's List


Kareem's favorite TV Series and TV Mini-Series in no special order and in no way to be considered a complete list.




The Simpsons

Saturday Night Live

The Sopranos

The Twilight Zone


 CNN, 60 Minutes, Nightline, Frontline
 Twin Peaks
 Gilligan's Island
 Law & Order


The Cosby Show

Da Ali G Show

Happy Days

David Letterman, Johnny Carson

Miami Vice




The Larry Sanders Show

The Howard Stern Show

South Park

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

L.A. Law

Family Ties

The Arsenio Hall Show


21 Jump Street


Tales from the Crypt

The A-Team


The Ben Stiller Show

Band of Brothers

Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Knight Rider

The Ren & Stimpy Show


Kids in the Hall

Win Ben Stein's Money

Welcome Back, Kotter

The X-Files


Siskel and Ebert

Family Ties

Good Times

Fantasy Island

Mission: Impossible


The Office

Happy Days

Mork & Mindy

In Living Color