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Kareem Elseify - Dogtown Set - last day of filming

Kareem Elseify - Lakers Game - 2006

Kareem Elseify - New Years Eve 2004 - Las Vegas

Sharif, Adam and Kareem - On the LBHS stands after Sharif's Game - 09/2005

Kareem's caption for this picture ...
"The Three Kings"Deep in Thought

Kareem Elseify - Agency Head Shot

Adam, Kareem and Sharif Kareem Elseify - Ready to hit the boulevard in Las Vegas - 12/31/2004

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Directions to Rose Hills Memorial Garden

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In Loving Memory of our son, our brother, our friend ...
Kareem Elseify
March 24, 1972 - February 11, 2007
Born in New York City, NY, USA
We are missing you now and forever
we are thinking of you all the time.
12 Years now have passed our love for you
will continue as long as we live.

OUR Memories: Goes ON

Not a day goes by without talking about you,
 and remembering those moments
 you made us laugh, your wisdom, and your foresight. 
You were the most loving son, brother and friend.

We will never forget you, my son. As you always said,
'PEACE.' Love Dad, and all Elseify family and friends