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submitted by
Perry Sachs

studied at the Groundlings Theater with Kareem

published November 9, 2010


I am in shock.  To lose someone who was always so full of life seems incomprehensible.  I met Kareem while we were both studying at The Groundlings Theater.  I take pride in saying that he and I had a similar sense of humor.  We became fast friends and ended up as roommates.  I can honestly say that I never laughed more often or laughed any harder than when living with Kareem.  Unfortunately, he and I gradually lost touch over the years and I just learned of his passing. I guess I figured we would always have time to catch up. This tragedy is evidence that what they say is true- the brightest stars are the ones that burn out the fastest.   

My deepest sympathies to the Elseify family and friends. 


Perry Sachs
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